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Business class deals to Athens lead to the birthplace of democracy.

At the Top of the World: Business Class Deals to Athens and the Acropolis

At the heart of ancient Athens, the Acropolis stood as the heart and spiritual soul of the city. Today, the ruins of the Acropolis are so significant that UNESCO calls it “the symbol of world heritage.” 

While on the Acropolis hill, you’ll see a number of incredible ruins:
Visitors pass by the remarkable marble Propylaea at the entrance to the site. 
The legendary Parthenon sits at the center of the Acropolis, with its august columns and remaining frieze carvings still in place.
The Temple of Athena Nike is southwest of the Propylaea, sporting a notable portico and many newly refurbished elements.
The Erechtheum features the famed maidens of Caryatids who hold up the temple roof. 

At the base of the acropolis, several notable sites beckon. The Acropolis Museum houses many of the Acropolis’ original statues and relics. Visitors can also wander through the Theater of Dionysius. For visitors who want to immerse themselves in ancient Greek civilization, the Acropolis definitely warrants business class deals to Athens.

 Also at the base of the Acropolis rests the ruins of one of the most important spaces in ancient Athens. The center of Athenian daily life, serving as a town marketplace, gathering spot and performance space. It was used for religious processions, sporting competitions and military parades. Archaeological efforts have excavated a number of the public building that once surrounded the square, including:
the Athens mint,
magistrate’s office,
council chambers and
the city/state archives.

One of the site’s most fascinating ruins is the Temple of Hephaestus, dating back to 450 B.C.E. Its Doric style is well-preserved and classic, a gorgeous representation of ancient Athens’ style and artistry. Also on site is the Stoa of Attalos, once the major shopping center of ancient Athens. Today, it’s a captivating museum displaying the artifacts found in the Agora complex. The Agora rests at the northern base of the Acropolis hill, so views are prime here. The space is relatively flat and easily navigated, so it’s often one of the first stops visitors make after their business class flights land